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We are putting on some Conservative Activism 101 classes.

These are FREE classes meant to go over the basics of how to make a difference in your town, county, and state.

The first one is in Louisville this Wednesday at 7pm. Located at NE Regional Library located at 15 Bellevoir Circle.

Check out other events at Cooperrider4KY.com/events
Podcast: The EV Ford deal and FBI raid

Watch or listen at KyPodcast.Com
Come to our conservative activism class in Bowling Green! We will be holding more of these around the state.
Podcast: I talk to Rep. Mark Hart about the $212 million that was appropriated for Eastern KY during the special session.

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Come on out for a great breakfast this Saturday. Fuel up for the day and support a great candidate for office.
I'll see you guys tomorrow at Beans!
In Louisville a Judge is running that seems to be endorsed by both the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP).

According to their website the RBPP believes in communistic rule.

From the RBPP website "Dr. Alli Muhammad MD (founder of the RBPP) like Chairman Mao Tsung, has developed a brand of Marxism that meets the needs of a people who are culturally, racially and ethnically oppressed."

Additionally the RBPP believes that police are racists targeting black people.

This individual should not be endorsed by both groups, so that means one of two things:

A.) She was not endorsed by one or both groups and is just putting their logo on her printed material. An action that will get you sued by the FOP. Something a Judge should not do.

B.) She lied to one or both groups about her views in order to get their endorsement. Something a Judge should also not do.

Regardless, I would be very hesitant to vote for someone who would proclaim support of communistic ideas.
Podcast: Crime in Kentucky is out of control.

The crime is getting out of control all across Kentucky. I talk about what caused the rise and what can we actually do to address the issues now and into the future.

Watch or listen at linktr.ee/Cooperrider
Podcast: The Amendments Explained

I explain the two amendments that will be on our ballots in November. Then I cover a possible election law change being considered in light of how many governor candidates have filed. Finally we talk about Joe Biden spending $3.6 million on drug use kit vending machines in Kentucky.

Watch or listen at linktr.ee/Cooperrider
Please give what you can. We have till midnight to hit our goal, and we need your support.

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Podcast: Drag Shows for Kids in Kentucky.

The left releases their ad against Amendment 2 on our November ballots, and of course it’s full of lies. A drag show is being put on in Frankfort that will have “kids activities” at it. I talk about what we can do to stop this child abuse. Additionally we take a look at the sponsors of this event, some of which will shock you.

Watch or listen now at Linktr.ee/Cooperrider
Why are we frustrated?

Outgoing State Representative Adam Koenig gives us an interesting look into how the Establishment really thinks. We take at look at what he said and how that illustrates perfectly why the base is so frustrated with the Republican Party.

Why would Republicans show up to vote in order to "stop the Democrats" if you prove ineffective at stopping the Democrats?

I hope Republicans in Congress and The Senate learn from this.
Under RS22 HB8, residential utilities in Kentucky will be taxed at 6% unless you declare the home is your primary residence. This includes electric, gas, sewer, and water.

To make this quick and easy for the residents of Kentucky we have set up a website for you to fill out the necessary forms. The website will generate your forms and then you can email or mail them to your service providers.

Visit https://cooperrider4ky.com/utilities/ in order to fill out your forms.

While some process questions still remain, it appears that if you do not fill out and submit these forms before January 1st your utilities could have a 6% tax added on. We find ourselves in a situation where a law was passed creating a new tax, but there is unclear policy surrounding how the tax will be administered.

We'd rather be safe by filling out the forms, than sorry.
We in America are not governed by the majority. Rather we are governed by the majority of those who participate. - Thomas Jefferson

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Our tax dollars are funding an LGBTQ choir called VOICES of Kentuckiana.

Learn more about this and other state waste in my wasteful spending report. Cooperrider4Ky.com/waste
In recently deleted tweet my opponent calls Republicans “blood thirst for political victory”.

I understand that in primaries we won’t always agree on who we support as Republicans. To castigate the people who support your candidate's opponent as bloodthirsty is divisive and too far.

These kinds of attacks on Republican voters by an individual running under the Republican banner should be condemned at all levels.
Alert: An Anti-police Treasurer Candidate is attempting to hide his past and con Republicans into supporting him.

In recently deleted tweets we see an alarming amount of anti-police statements and repeated BLM talking points. These recent tweets should show us exactly what my opponent thinks of our police and his words are loud and clear.

My opponent has been challenged on these (as well as hundreds of other) tweets; What does he say? My opponent begs people to not judge him for what he said prior to running for office. When someone shows us who they are, we should believe them.

Your true character is what you do when you think no one is watching.

In a time where our officers are under constant attack resulting in nationwide police shortages, this is not the kind of person we need watching over our dollars.

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