COVID Restrictions Being Enforced by Large Corporations

Private companies have decided to inject themselves into the COVID debate instead of remaining neutral. By carrying out the preferred vaccination policies that force individuals into making what should be a private health decision. Unfortunately, with the recent case in Texas, it is unclear if there is a legal route to dealing with these situations, but we are looking. We at Brewed have some reservations, however, about running to the courts with this issue. The sins of our past have taught us that the more we ask government to regulate or invite them in, the more power an individual that believes in authoritarianism has to use.

With that in mind, we are trying to use one of the greatest forces for the believer of liberty and that is the free market. You can check out our article about liberty and COVID by clicking here. The GE appliance plant in Louisville is requiring staff to wear vaccination status lanyards to signify who has been vaccinated and who has not. Not only is this concern not even supported by current science, but it also serves to be pretty divisive and has coerced people into making a decision they may not want to. We don’t want anyone to ever feel powerless. For that reason, we have launched email campaign to managers of GE’s Louisville plant and have successfully sent over 800 emails. Follow this link to send your own email to GE, and please share it with others. We need to build a network to help take on these mega corporations.

Cooperrider v. Beshear

This First Amendment Rights case is arguing that the government can not charge you for your constitutionally-protected rights. In this case, our right to petition the government for redress is under attack, as the state of Kentucky is trying to charge us and other impeachment petitioners $42,444.05 for asking the Kentucky House of Representatives to review our petition for impeachment against the Governor.

We are currently waiting for the next court date. Initial arguments have been submitted, and the Judge has gotten the state to confirm they will not try to tax the costs until the case has concluded.


We have been pushing an information campaign on how much power unelected bureaucrats have over an individual. Most people are unaware of the local control these bodies (such as the health department) can have over your life. Additionally, we’re working to expose the tyranny that agencies like the USDA have over your simple necessities of life. As we saw with COVID, the wrong people in charge of these powers is a perfect tool of tyranny.

That is why we have been encouraging people to contact their local farm groups about the federal PRIME Act. If we can generate enough nationwide grass roots support for the PRIME Act, it will be the first step to deregulation of the food industry. After all, if someone can control what you can or can’t eat, don’t they control you? Support the PRIME Act and start getting control over your plate.

Project Uncancellable

The “left” has been at this a lot longer than liberty has, and for that reason, has control over a lot of key industries such as social media. This is why we have developed and own our own technology tools. Recently, Facebook has been throttling us, and more concerningly, has been hiding comments on our posts with no notice. For this reason, we have shifted some focus to Telegram. You can follow us on telegram at T.ME/Brewedliberty to get notifications any time we post.

We have also integrated Telegram into our website so we can so we can have a newsfeed that Facebook has no control over and have taken over hosting of our website ourselves. Another issue we had was with crowdfunding & petition sites so we created our own at It is open for anyone to use. With our GE push, we are trying out our email relay system, and so far, this has been working well. We hope to roll this out a free tool for other liberty fighters in the future as well.

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