A Letter from Brewed Owner Andrew Cooperrider

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Dear Patriot,
Covid mandates have been either voluntarily or forcibly lifted in most states. This is a time for celebration, but not a time to quit.
As many of you know, Brewed transitioned to being a company that stands for a whole lot more than a great cup of coffee. We—like most companies—were happy to just keep our heads down and survive. Then, the government that was created to protect our right to life, liberty, and property, came for those rights. We were forced to take a stand and have seen a lot of success.
Using what we have created and what we have learned, we will not stop the fight now. The Brewed brand will forever represent liberty, freedom, and real change for the country. Your constant support of Brewed is used to build a platform that engages in advocacy, legal fights, and to win in the culture war.
We cannot engage is this fight alone. The reason we have been successful is because of the avid following of people like you. We appreciate your support and still need it to get the work done that is essential to ensuring our individual freedoms are returned to us. There are three major ways you can keep supporting the movement that we are building:
1st: Replace your morning coffee with Brewed. Not only is it one fantastic cup of coffee, but it’s a simple change that can help make the differences you want to see. You can order online here on our shop page and we’ll ship your coffee right to your door. Use the promo code FREEDOM at checkout for 10% off your entire order.
2nd: We will send out calls-to-action from time to time—like in this newsletter. Please engage with them and share them with others. Liberty is about the individual and sometimes that means we can have hard time coming together. Just remember though: none of us are free until we are all free.
3rd: Tell people about what we are doing. As our network and liberty movement grows, things become easier for us to accomplish. If a bill needs to be stopped at a state or federal level, being able to easily engage a large amount of liberty-motivated individuals quickly can kill these things before they make any progress.
I thank you for your continued support and hope we always honor the belief you put in us.
With Liberty,
Andrew Cooperrider
Founder, Brewed

Large Corporations Enforcing COVID Restrictions

GE is currently putting physical markings on their unvaccinated employees at the Appliance Park manufacturing center in Louisville and forcing them to wear masks. There are several other large companies doing this, but we have to focus our efforts on changing one company’s divisive vaccination policies before moving on to the rest. You can help by sending a message to GE Appliances’s HR Director and Operations Managers at FreedomFight.us/GE and by posting the following message on your social media pages:

GE in Louisville is implementing divisive tactics to make their employees vaccinated or else be marked with a colored lanyard and forced to wear a mask.

Show your support for the voiceless employees at GE by sending GE’s HR & Operations Managers a message at FreedomFight.us/GE

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Cooperrider v. Beshear

This First Amendment Rights case is arguing that the Government can not charge you you for your constitutionally protected rights. In this case, our right to petition the government for redress is under attack

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We have been pushing an information campaign on how much power unelected bureaucratic have over an individual. Most people are unaware of the local control these bodies such as the health department can have over your life.

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Project Uncancellable

The “Left” has been at this a lot longer than Liberty has, and for that has control over a lot of key industries such as social media. This is why we have develop and own our own technology tools.

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