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We recently started organizing an email campaign to make our voices heard by management at the GE Appliance Park in Louisville, KY (FreedomFight.us/GE) . The controversy is over them physically marking workers as vaccinated or unvaccinated. A policy that—for a litany of reasons—I disagree with. This post, however, is not written to discuss the lack of science, the politics, or the reasoning behind theses types of decisions companies are making. The point of the article is to discuss what one who loves liberty’s role in this fight is

The first thing we have to understand is the liberty philosophy deals with the relationship government has with its people. It has nothing to do with your personal opinions or your freedom to voice them. It is actually an endorsement of the idea. For example: I may think that a business should source its products from America as much as possible. The authoritarian way of enforcing this idea would be to draft a bill and lobby my government to make a law that says you must source products from America whenever possible. Not only is this using government to enforce an opinion you have over what someone else does with their property, but it also opens up the door for government to enforce the other direction. If I set a precedent that says the government can tell someone where they have to source products from, I have created a tool that people who may think we shouldn’t buy anything from America could use against us. This is the foundation of the modern liberty philosophy: shrink the size of government as much as possible so people who disagree can’t use government to force themselves on us.

As we push forward and fight in the culture wars, however, the authoritarians (and even some liberty lovers) try to use our love of freedom to say we can’t hold an opinion and can’t voice it, even though that is the exact opposite of what the philosophy means. This is either a deliberate misunderstanding in an attempt to silence us or a misunderstanding of the philosophy completely. Liberty doesn’t mean a company is free to do whatever without consequences. It means a company is free from Government force, it is not free from consequences for the decisions it makes. The philosophy actually believes the free market, society, and civil law provide enough check on companies and people to do the right thing without bureaucratic bodies.

This brings us back to the GE Appliance Park campaign. We don’t believe what GE is doing when it comes to its staff is right. Therefore, we are using the power of free market and free association to voice our opinions as customers and as members of their community.  

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  • Michael Pinkston says:

    Toyota in Georgetown Ky has started separating employees based on vaccination status starting this past Monday.
    If the employee volunteers his/her vaccination status, then said employee will receive a badge with a green Laynard to be worn at all times around the neck and he/she is not required to wear a mask.

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