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The White House is tapping YouTube stars for vaccine messaging, as Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci appear in new videos released on Monday that were part of a virtual town hall in an effort to reach young audiences unsure or hesitant to get the shots.

Among those doing interviews are the stars of Brave Wilderness, hosted by Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson and Mark Vins, who have an outdoor adventure channel, and Manuel Gutierrez Jr., known as Manny MUA, and Jackie Aina.

In one of the videos, makeup artists Manny Mua asks Biden about the rumors of a vaccine passport, needed to travel or to go to concerts.

“Federally, we are not going to have any mandate, and we don’t keep records, federally, of people who have gotten the vaccine,” Biden said. He said that the rumor of vaccine passports “just plays into paranoia in some people, in particular young people. That is just not the case.”

Manny Mua also asked Biden that if he were stranded on a desert island, and he could only bring one skincare product, what would it be?

“I happen to be Irish, and I think my wife before I headed to the island would tell me, you better bring some sunscreen,” Biden said.

To Peterson and Vins, Biden talked of those who got the vaccine being able to travel, albeit still with a mask on planes.

“The gateway to safe travel is to be vaccinated,” Fauci said.

Biden also asked Peterson a question — of all the scenes he has done, which one did he enjoy the most and which one gave him an insight he didn’t have before. Peterson said it was a recent segment on saving wolves. “They need protections now more than ever,” he said.

Biden then noted that he had spent time with wolves on two occasions. “A real wolf and other wolves,” he said.

To Aina, Fauci reiterated the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. “So when people have concerns, and they are reasonable concerns, we never put people down for asking questions about their concerns about the vaccine. But they need to know that the science that went into it is absolutely pristine.”

Biden told her, “Your voice matters. People listen to you. That is part of the equity here. … They will listen to you more than me or anybody else.”

Yahoo News first reported on the videos.

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