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This coming Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on Beshear’s COVID mandates.

Back during the legislative session, our legislators passed HB1, SB1, and SB2 to limit the governor’s emergency powers. Instead of following the will of the people and their representatives, Beshear sued legislators and the Attorney General to stop those laws from being enacted.

Today, a Boone County Judge ruled that Beshear’s COVID mandates were unconstitutional and even dystopian, but the Supreme Court can vacate this ruling–which would be catastrophic for liberty.

If the Supreme Court rules in Beshear’s favor, it says two things: the governor can completely ignore our Constitution and laws passed by legislators don’t matter.

It’s time to make our voices heard as we demand the Supreme Court fulfill their duties and respect our Constitution.

Therefore, we will be protesting on Thursday, June 10th at 9 am at the Kentucky State Capitol.

If YOU don’t stand for our Constitution, who will?

Bring a friend and come show your support this Thursday! Share this photo and article out everywhere!


Andrew Cooperrider
Founder, Brewed

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